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LogiSquare Sayama Hidaka

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Location 12-1 Aza Kubo,
Oaza Ashikariba, Hanno-shi, Saitama
Access Approximately 0.7 km from Sayama Hidaka IC (Ken-o Expressway)
Structure RC/S, 5F, alloy plated steel sheet roof
Appraisal NOI yield 4.7%
Acquisition price 14,066 million yen
Appraisal value 14,900 million yen
Total floor area 73,728.44 m²
Total leasable area 71,211.10 m²
Tenants Undisclosed
Lease type Fixed-term building lease
Lease period Undisclosed
Completion date May, 2020

Property Features

■The property is located approximately 0.7 km from the Sayama Hidaka Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway, and access to National Route 407 is also easy. Surrounded by numerous warehouses, factories and other facilities, the property can be operated 24 hours a day.
■The property has warehouse space on floors 1-4 and offices, a cafeteria and so forth on the fifth floor. Each floor has an area of approximately 18,000 m2 and there is a rampway enabling heavy trucks to go directly to the second and third floors, giving the property a total of 120 truck berths across the first, second and third floors. The facility has a slope exclusively for outgoing vehicles on the second and third floors, contribute to the prevention of congestion and accidents and making maximum use of the site.
■The uppermost fifth floor of the facility features a cafeteria which can seat around 150 people and a retail space, a rooftop terrace with views of Mount Fuji and other shared amenities and there is also free Wi-Fi and BGM broadcasting equipment to help improve the working environment of workers.


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