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LogiSquare Ageo

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Location 449-12 Aza Tenjinya, Ooaza
Jitogata, Ageo-shi,Saitama
Access Approximately 6.9 km from Okegawa Kitamoto IC (Ken-o Expressway)
Approximately 8.4 km from Yono IC (Omiya Route of the Shuto Expressway)
Structure S, 3F, alloy plated steel sheet roof
Appraisal NOI yield 4.7%
Acquisition price 4,908 million yen
Appraisal value 5,050 million yen
Total floor area 19,142.84 m²
Total leasable area 19,127.67 m²
Tenants Undisclosed
Lease type Fixed-term building lease
Lease period Undisclosed
Completion date April, 2019

Property Features

■Located approximately 6.9 km from Okegawa Kitamoto IC on the Ken-O Expressway and approximately 8.4 km from Yono IC on the metropolitan Expressway Omiya Route and next to Route 17 ShinOmiya Ageo Road (width 57 m) and Prefectural Road 51, all major trunk roads.
■Accessibility is expected to improve because a project extending an expressway from Yono IC on the metropolitan Expressway Omiya Route to near LogiSquare Ageo has begun.
■The property has two gates, on the Route 17 Shin-Omiya Ageo Road side and on the Prefectural Road 51 side, and this improves truck access from all quarters.

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