CRE Logistics REIT, Inc.

Securities Code: 3487





Initiatives for Tenants

Good Location

Easy access from public transportation, giving consideration to employee commuting convenience.

・Located in a suitable location for logistics near the interchange.

Support for BCP Measures

・Hold logistics facilities in inland areas with low risk of liquefaction.
・Install power receiving and transforming equipment at elevated locations as a flood control measure.
・Introduce earthquake early warning systems.
・Install disconnectors in automatic fire alarms to prevent the spread of fires.
・Install disaster prevention support system.

・Install AEDs.


・Install emergency power supply systems.


Specifications to Improve Efficiency

・Incoming and outgoing guidelines are separated to prevent congestion and accidents.


・Interior walls between offices and the warehouse space have windows in them to facilitate communication.


Specifications to Improve Comfort and Working Environment

・Install restrooms for outside drivers.
・Renovate smoking rooms to respond to the April 2020 revised Health Promotion Act.

・The women’s restroom has lockers and powder corner.

The women’s restroom has lockers and powder corner.

・Adopt warm-color lighting in entrances and truck berths, etc.

Adopt warm-color lighting in entrances and truck berths, etc.

・Established cafeteria, rental meeting rooms and retail space.

Established cafeteria, rental meeting rooms and retail space.

・Internal signage is designed to visually communicate warehouse functions.

Internal signage is designed to visually communicate warehouse functions.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Conducts a tenant satisfaction survey every year to improve amenities and convenience to the tenants and employees of its facilities. Share their requests and opinions with property management companies and others, and work to resolve issues.

Contribution to Regional and Social Development

・Install fire cisterns able to provide tap water that can be used to fight fires.
・Cooperate with traffic restrictions for the Saitama International Marathon.

・There is a helipad on the roof for firefighters to use in the event of disaster.

There is a helipad on the roof for firefighters to use in the event of disaster.

・CRE Activities
Hold a CRE forum for the purpose of sharing logistics issues faced by companies.
The remains of 74 pit houses from the Middle Jomon Era (about 5,000 years ago) were excavated on the site in the wake of the development of LogiSquare Sayama Hidaka, and we are cooperating with the local government in their excavation work, record retention and observation-tours.

Efforts for Officers and Employees

Human Resource Development

・Hold compliance training four times a year for all full-time officers and employees (including part-time employees).

・Encourage them to acquire qualifications by paying for expenses and gift money for the acquisition of qualifications for all officers and employees (including part-time employees).

(Note) There are no part-time employees.

License holders (including those that have passed examinations)

Qualification name Number of persons rate(Note)
Real estate broker 8 72.7%
ARES (Association for Real Estate Securitization) Certified Master 6 54.5%
CMA (Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan) holder 3 27.3%
Real estate consulting master 1 9.1%
(Note) Calculated with the 11 people involved in the operation of the Investment Corporation (as of the end of December 2020) as the denominator.

Establish a favorable relation between the employees and the Asset Management Company

・Employee Satisfaction Survey
The Asset Management Company conducts questionnaires on employee engagement four times a year and confirms that respondents are proactively engaging in their work and are motivated to contribute to the organizations to which they belong. If problems are identified, the employees themselves devise and implement improvement measures.

・The president has 1 on 1 meeting with all employees quarterly.
The President of the Asset Management Company interviews each employee every quarter. These interviews are opportunities to discuss various matters, including target-setting, progress of work and career building.

Improvement of the Work Environment

・Refresh and expand the work space with the relocation of offices.
・Introduce staggered commuting and working from home as a measure to control COVID-19.

Support Employees' Asset Formation

・Selective defined contribution pension
・Cumulative investment unit investment system (ESPP)
・Restricted stock compensation of CRE stock


Number of employees 11
  Male 5
  Female 6
  Female Ratio to Total 54.5%
Full-time officer 2
  Male 2
  Female 0
  Female Ratio to Total
Paid-time-off utilization rate 46.8%
Regular medical checkup receipt rate 100.0%
Turnover rate 0.0%
Average monthly overtime hours per person(Note) 17.5 hours
(Note) Calculated excluding super visors
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