CRE Logistics REIT, Inc.

Securities Code: 3487




Corporate Profile

Corporate Outline

Name of investment corporation CRE Logistics REIT, Inc.
Representative Tsuyoshi Ito, Executive Director
Address 2-10-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Asset Management Company CRE REIT Advisers, Inc.


May 11, 2016 Organizer (CRE REIT Advisers, Inc.) filed to establish the Investment Corporation based on Article 69, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Investment Trusts
May 12, 2016 Investment Corporation registered based on Article 166 of the Act on Investment Trusts; Investment Corporation is established
May 20, 2016 Application for registration of the Investment Corporation filed under Article 188 of the Act on Investment Trusts
June 1, 2016 Investment Corporation registered by the Prime Minister of Japan under Article 187 of the Act on Investment Trusts (Reg. No. 120, Director-General, Kanto Local Finance Bureau)
July 27, 2016 Acquires two logistics-related facilities and begins private placement investment
February 7, 2018 Listed on the Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Board of Directors

Position Name Personal History Number of
Units Owned
Tsuyoshi Ito April, 1997 Joined the Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited (currently Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) 1,125
May, 2002 Joined GFA Co., Ltd.
July, 2006 Established Strategic Partners Co., Ltd. (currently CRE REIT Advisers, Inc.)
Representative Director (present post) (full-time)
April, 2007 Director at GENKAI Capital Management Co., Ltd.
December, 2007 Director at Industrial Decisions, Inc.
December, 2007 Auditor at Itoh-Kiden Corporation
November, 2009 Director at Tenko Souken Co., Ltd. (merged with Kokyo CRE Co., Ltd. (currently CRE, Inc.))
December, 2009 Director at CRE Investment Advisory (currently Kokyo Asset Management Co., Ltd.)
July, 2014 Director at CRE, Inc.
August, 2015 Director at CRE ALLIANCE, INC.
May, 2016 Executive Director of the Company (present post) (full-time)
Kensuke Isobe April, 1993 Registered as a lawyer with the Tokyo Bar Association
April, 1993 Joined Yuasa Law & Patent Office (currently Yuasa and Hara)
July, 1997 Joined Hirakawa, Sato & Kobayashi (currently City-Yuwa Partners)
November, 1999 Joined Yanagida & Nomura
March, 2004 Joined City-Yuwa Partners (present post) (full-time)
May, 2016 Supervisory Director of the Company (present post) (part-time)
Kenichi Nakamura October, 2002 Joined ChuoAoyama PricewaterhouseCoopers
April, 2006 Registered as a certified public accountant
August, 2007 Joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC
July, 2009 Manager at Kenichi Nakamura CPA & TAX Office (present post) (full-time)
August, 2010 Registered as a licensed tax accountant
May, 2013 Auditor at TMS Co., Ltd. (present post) (part-time)
January, 2014 Auditor at Humanetics Innovative Solutions Japan, K.K. (present post) (part-time)
April, 2016 Member of Arbitration Committee, Tokyo District Court (present post) (part-time)
May, 2016 Supervisory Director of the Company (present post) (part-time)
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