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External Evaluations and Certifications

Green Building Certification / Evaluation (CASBEE, BELS, etc.)

The Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) established by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation is method of assessing and rating the environmental efficiency of buildings. As a comprehensive system for the assessment of the quality of a building, it evaluates features such as interior comfort and scenic aesthetics as well as environment practices including the use of materials and equipment that conserve energy or reduce environmental load. The CASBEE assessment ranks properties in five grades: Superior (S), Very Good (A), Good (B+), Slightly Poor (B-) and Poor (C).
The purpose of the Building Energy-efficiency Labeling System (BELS) is to ensure that third-party institutions properly implement the evaluation and labeling of non-residential buildings in accordance with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)'s 2013 Assessment Guideline for Indication of Energy Saving Capabilities of Non-residential Buildings. The certification rating for energy saving performance conducted by third-party institutions is represented using a five-star (★-★★★★★) evaluation scale.

Acquisition Results of CASBEE / BELS

As of March 31, 2021

Property name Acquisition price
(millions of yen)
Total floor area
M-1 LogiSquare Kuki 9,759 40,907.13 Real Estate Rank A
Saitama Pref. Rank A
M-2 LogiSquare Hanyu 6,830 33,999.61 Real Estate Rank A
Saitama Pref. Rank B+
M-3 LogiSquare Kuki Ⅱ 2,079 11,511.22 Saitama Pref. Rank A ★★★★★
M-4 LogiSquare Urawa Misono 13,060 48,738.29 Real Estate Rank S
Saitama Pref. Rank A
M-5 LogiSquare Niiza 6,960 25,355.82 Saitama Pref. Rank A ★★★★★
M-6 LogiSquare Moriya 6,157 32,904.90 Real Estate Rank A ★★★★★
M-7 LogiSquare Kawagoe 1,490 7,542.56 ★★★★
M-8 LogiSquare Kasukabe 4,900 21,315.54 Saitama Pref. Rank A ★★★★★
M-9 LogiSquare Soka 8,109 28,817.59 Real Estate Rank A
Saitama Pref. Rank A
M-10 LogiSquare Yashio 5,073 19,068.60 Saitama Pref. Rank A
M-11 LogiSquare Mizuho A 2,794 13,755.16
M-12 LogiSquare Mizuho B 3,584 16,016.37
M-13 LogiSquare Ageo 4,908 19,142.84 Saitama Pref. Rank A ★★★★★
M-14 LogiSquare Miyoshi 11,700 37,931.49 Saitama Pref. Rank A ★★★★★
M-15 LogiSquare Sayama Hidaka 14,066 73,728.44 Saitama Pref. Rank A ★★★★
M-16 LogiSquare Kawagoe Ⅱ 3,244 14,281.38 ★★★★★
O-1 LogiSquare Tosu 2,823 16,739.40 ★★★★★
O-2 LogiSquare Chitose 1,300 19,760.00 ★★★★★
O-3 LogiSquare Kobe Nishi 3,479 16,006.20 Kobe Rank A ★★★★
Total / Average (Note2) 112,316 497,522.54 86.4% 82.6%
(Note1) "Real Estate Rank S" and "Real Estate Rank A" are CASBEE Real Estate Certification.
"Saitama Pref. Rank A","Saitama Pref. Rank B+" and "Kobe Rank A" are assessments by the builder.
(Note2) Average is based on acquisition price.
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