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Policies and Management Structure

A Message from Top Management

CRE Logistics REIT, Inc. (the “Investment Corporation”) is committed to its basic philosophy highlighting efforts "to leverage the comprehensive strength of the CRE Group, which boasts more than 50 years’ experience in the logistics real estate business, to invest in quality logistics-related facilities that satisfy tenant needs. The Investment Corporation aims to create a stable cash flow and enhance investor’s value through these investments.”
With this basic philosophy in mind, we believe that enhancing unitholder value is only possible after preserving a sustainable environment and achieving a sustainable society. This will be achieved through efforts to invest in high-quality logistics facilities and promote “long-term, stable asset management,” one of the characteristics of the Investment Corporation.
The Investment Corporation recently established its Sustainability Policies and the system for its promotion and has decided to publicly announce it with the goal of implementing initiatives addressing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues more tangibly than before, in cooperation with CRE REIT Advisers, Inc. (the "Asset Management Company").
Through the collaboration of the Investment Corporation, the Asset Management Company and their employees and officers, specific targets will be set for each issue, and various measures for achieving these targets will be implemented in the future.

Tsuyoshi Ito
Executive Director,
CRE Logistics REIT, Inc.

Sustainability Policies

The Asset Management Company believes that addressing sustainability and ESG issues will contribute to the strengthening of the Investment Corporation's competitive edge and the enhancement of unitholder value over the medium- to long- term. Upon this foundation, the Asset Management Company established the Sustainability Policies described below and will implement it as a targeted objective.

1.Consideration of the global environment

To mitigate the environmental impact arising from real estate operations, such as energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, pollution and influence on ecosystems, we work to promote the replacement of properties with high-efficiency facilities, the optimization of building operations, water conservation, recycling, and other initiatives. We also build systems to manage environmental impact, thereby contributing to the preservation of the global environment.

Addressing climate change issues
We recognize climate-related risks and the opportunities arising from the medium- to long-term changes in society and environment, including the socioeconomic implications of decarbonization and the devastating disasters resulting from climate change, and strive to appropriately manage these risks and opportunities.
We work to promote the reduction of the energy consumed by buildings, the utilization of renewable energy and other decarbonization measures. We also improve disaster preparedness through business continuity planning (BCP) and the installation of disaster preparedness equipment, thereby improving resilience in the face of societal and environmental change.

2.Initiatives to improve health, safety and amenities through the operations of buildings and facilities

By promoting initiatives that improve the health and safety of tenants and local communities and the amenities provided to them through the improvement of buildings and facilities and their operations, including the management of indoor environment quality and the development of green spaces and amenities, we endeavor to improve tenant satisfaction, build positive relationships with local communities and maintain and enhance real estate values.

3.Collaboration with external stakeholders

As cooperation and collaboration with tenants, property management companies, other suppliers and external stakeholders including local communities are essential for the implementation of the Sustainability Policies, we work on each issue in collaboration with the above parties, building positive relationships through effective communication.

4.Initiatives for employees and officers

We continually provide employees and officers with professional education and training, opportunities for skills development to foster real estate investment and management professionals. We also work to improve their knowledge and understanding of sustainability and ESG to implement the Sustainability Policies.
Moreover, we work to secure and maintain talented human resources by building healthy, safe and comfortable work environments and providing support ensuring a healthy work-life balance, and develop an environment in which employees and officers are able to fully demonstrate their capabilities.

5.Respecting human rights

The Asset Management Company respects individuals’ human rights and diverse values, and eliminates unfair discrimination in all business activities. Moreover, the Asset Management Company observes the ILO (International Labor Organization) Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work which includes the elimination of discrimination in employment and people's occupation, the abolition of child labor, the prohibition of forced or compulsory labor, the freedom of association and the right to collectively bargain, and other principles.

6.Consideration within the supply chain

In selecting the goods and services purchased or procured by the Asset Management Company, we promote sustainable procurement taking into account not only economic performance but also impact on the environment and society, and other factors, and ensure sustainability throughout the entire supply chain supporting our business.

7.Legal compliance and risk management

We fairly conduct business activities by continuously working to strengthen the systems for corporate governance and ensuring compliance with laws, the fairness of transactions, the appropriate management of information, and the prevention of corruption and conflicts of interest. Additionally, we consider environmental and social risks regarding managed real estate from medium- to long-term perspectives, and incorporate this into real estate investment and management processes and work to manage and mitigate risks.

8.Disclosing ESG information and ensuring transparency

To ensure relationships of trust with stakeholders, we disclose ESG information in a timely and appropriate manner and strive to obtain/participate in environmental certifications, international initiatives and other external evaluations.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

The Asset Management Company has established the following frameworks to continuously and methodically promote initiatives based on the Sustainability Policies.

Chief Sustainability Officer

The Asset Management Company has developed a system for the promotion of sustainability including the participation of the Representative Director and President of the Asset Management Company as the Chief Sustainability Officer. Through this system, it plans and implements an array of policies, targets and measures.

Sustainability Operating Officer

The Head of the Corporate Planning Department acts as the Sustainability Operating Officer in the development of systems for the promotion of sustainability and the implementation of measures.

Sustainability Promotion Committee

The committee consists of the Chief Sustainability Officer, the Sustainability Operating Officer, Full-time Directors, the Head of the Investment Management Department and the Compliance Officer and meets at least once every three months, in principle. The committee examines and devises sustainability policies, targets and measures. It also continuously follows up on issues regarding unachieved targets and findings, incorporating them into targets for the next fiscal period, in principle.

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