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LogiSquare Urawa Misono

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Location 2500, etc., Higashiura, Daimon, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama
Access Approximately 0.7 km from Urawa IC (Tohoku Expressway)
Approximately 0.5km from Urawa-misono Station (Saitama Railway)
Structure RC/S, 4F, alloy plated steel sheet roof
Appraisal NOI yield 4.7%
Acquisition price 13,060 million yen
Appraisal value 14,600 million yen
Total floor area 48,738.29 m²
Total leasable area 47,885.92 m²
Tenants NIPPON EXPRESS CO., LTD., Tobu Delivery Co., Ltd., INNOMEDICS Medical Instruments Inc.
Lease type Fixed-term building lease
Lease period Nine years and 11 months others
Completion date March, 2017

Property Features

■LogiSquare Urawa Misono is located a six-minute walk from Urawa Misono Station on the Saitama Rapid Railway Saitama Stadium Line, which jointly operates lines with the Tokyo Metro “Namboku-line.” In addition, a large-scale community development project (owner: Urban Renaissance Agency) is underway in the surrounding area, which will allow a close proximity between work and the home and be a potential advantage in securing employee.
■The property is a semi-multi facility with approximately 12,562 m2 on each floor and truck berths on the first and third floors.
■To prevent congestion and accidents, the facility is designed to separate traffic flows and equipped with dedicated gates for the first/second floor tenants and the third/fourth tenants, respectively.
■Fire-resistant and Insulating wall panels are used in all walls in the fireproof compartment, which enhance appearance, serve as insulating wall panels, offer resistance against cold temperatures of up to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and can significantly contribute to reducing tenants initial refrigerating and freezing equipment installation costs and, in combination with external sandwich panels, reduce heat load when using air conditioning equipment.
■The facility was the first in Japan to obtain certification (rank: Silver) regarding land safety from the Association of Property Revitalization.
■Due to being designed in an environment friendly and energy efficient manner, the facility obtained A rank certification in Saitama from CASBEE and BELS evaluation (★★★★★).
■The property is located a six-minute walk from Urawa Misono Station, and approximately 700 m from Urawa IC, making it easily accessible from the heart of the city and allowing a close proximity between work and the home. It is eco-friendly and comfortable.

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