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LogiSquare Kuki

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Location 22-3, Kawarai-cho, Kuki-shi, Saitama
Access Approximately 2.5 km from Kuki IC (Tohoku Expressway)
Approximately 2.8 km from Shiraoka Shobu IC (Ken-o Expressway)
Structure S, 4F, alloy plated steel sheet roof
Appraisal NOI yield 4.8%
Acquisition price 9,759 million yen
Appraisal value 10,500 million yen
Total floor area 40,907.13 m²
Total leasable area 40,879.78 m²
Tenants Sangetsu Corporation
Lease type Fixed-term building lease
Lease period 10 years and 16 days
Completion date May, 2016

Property Features

■Located in the exclusive industrial zone in Kuki Shobu Industrial Park, the property is surrounded by many warehouses and factories, enabling tenants to operate 24 hours. The location is perfect for logistic services.
■Extension of the Ken-o Expressway created a connection to the Tomei Expressway, the Chuo Expressway, the Kan-etsu Expressway the Tohoku Expressway and the Joban Expressway, thereby forming a wide area network.
■The facility has a standard floor area of approximately 10,000m², a slope that enables heavy vehicles to directly access the third floor and truck berths on both the east and west sides of the first floor and on the east side of the third floor, and can be portioned for use by multiple tenants.


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